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What makes us so unique?

Mojazima Inc. was established in 2005 with the objective of becoming one of the first hybrid for-profit/not-for-profit companies. We believe in balancing profits with humanitarian need and have joined the growing number of other organizations placing corporate responsibility as our number one objective. Our manufacturer produces other major brands alongside Mojazima’s, guaranteeing the same exceptional quality. As your support continues to grow, we have been very successful in enhancing the lives of children in Africa by:

Mojazima Inc. means ‘One Purpose’ (based on the Swahili words ‘moja’ meaning ‘one’ and ‘azima’ meaning ‘purpose’). Our purpose is to demonstrate that for-profit companies are capable of introducing products that improve the lives of children around the world. This is not a marketing campaign to boost profits - this is a product that, with your support, can make such a difference for many people in the world.

Products that make a difference!

Every product purchased will help place a brand new Sport Africa soccer ball into the hands of a child in Africa. You have the power to choose - make a better choice today.

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Ball and Bag

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News & Updates

July 2009

'Sport Africa Back to School Kits' offered to Kanata Soccer players

This year Mojazima Inc. has partnered with Kanata Soccer to offer the 'Sport Africa Back to School Kits' to all youth players of the Kanata Soccer Club. These attractive and functional kits are designed around what kids need and we make it easy on the parents...
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June 2009

Mojazima delivers over 500 soccer balls and 200 t-shirts to date

Mojazima has delivered over 500 soccer balls and 200 t-shirts to deserving children in Africa through various organizations including World Vision Canada, CES Canada, Bicycles for Humanity and Soccer without Borders.
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